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Who We Are

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Canadian Constituency Office

Canadamiuni kiggatuttet SuliaKapvinga

The Canadamiuni kiggatuttet SuliaKapvinga is one of seven constituency offices under the authority of the Nunatsiavut katimajitsuangit (Nunatsiavut Assembly).

The Canadamiuni kiggatuttet SuliaKapvinga represents the interests of Beneficiaries to the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement residing in the constituency of Canada outside of the landclaim area.

Who We Are

As Members of the Nunatsiavut katimajitsuangit, the Nunatsiavut Canadian Constituency office is made up of hard working and dedicated members who work for the benefit of Labrador Inuit.

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Our seven departments provide programs and services to the Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement. These seven departments are Nunatsiavut Secretariat; Nunatsiavut Affairs; Health &...

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The Canadian Constituency Office, Nunatsiavut Assembly, and Nunatsiavut Executive Council work together to build a prosperous future for Labrador Inuit.

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